Our Facility

The Most Advance Facility The Best Work Environment

Water Jet Loom (2-colors/3-colors)  500 sets
Capacity: 6 million yds/month
Air Jet Loom (4-colors/6-colors) 
Wild Width Air Jet Loom (230CM) 
Rapier Loom/Double Beam/210CM/4-6 colors
Warping Machine 3 sets
Extruder 1 set
Dryer 1 set
Crusher 2 sets
Vacuum Suction Machine 3 sets
Mixer 1 set
Cooled Compressor 1 set
RASCHEL 5 sets
TRICOT 8 sets
Air Mesh Warp Knitting Machine 6 sets
Warping Machine 4 sets
Circular Knitting Machine) 10 sets